Intelligent Robotics and Autonpmous System (IRAS) lab located at 401/405 Rhodes Hall in the main campus of the University of Cincinnati. The lab personnel consists of faculty PI, research associates, graduate students, and undergraduate students. We are conducting basic and applied research aiming at making robotic systems intelligent so that they can better work with or serve humans. The goal of the lab is to promote and support interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty and students across the College of Engineering. The currently supported research areas are:

  • Control of robotic systems (manipulators, drones, spacecraft, mobile robots, etc.)
  • Multi-robot collaboration
  • Human-robot interaction and collaboration
  • Smart aviation manufacturing

To support the research work in the above-listed areas, the lab has acquired or developed various equipment including: (1) three collaborative robotic arms, two Kuka iiwa robots and one Fanuc CR35iA robot, all capable of safely interaction with humans; (2) a rotorcraft drone with a 4-DOF robotic arm capable of aerial manipulation; (3) a ground robotic vehicle capable of SLAM and navigation; (4) a 12-camera Vicon 3D motion capture system for real-time tracking 3D motion of humans and robots with sub-millimeter accuracy; (5) a double-belt Bertec instrumented treadmill for measuring ground reaction force and moment of each foot while a human walking or doing other physical activity on the treadmill; (6) a 3-meter by 4-meter precision granite table and air-bearing supported satellite test platform for testing spacecraft and space-robot control systems; (7) a virtual reality system; and (8) various 3D motion and force sensors.